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Corvette Information, History, and Evolution

  Generation-C1 | 1953-1962

The first Generation of Corvette ever made is the Generation C1 Corvette. This is classified as a sports car, it was built by Chevrolet directly affiliated with General Motors AKA GM. The Generation C1 Corvette was made from 1953 to 1962. Find C1 Consoles, e-brake parts & more.

  Generation-C2 | 1963-1967

The second Generation of Corvette ever made is the Generation C2 Corvette. This is an authentic American sports car; more commonly referred to as the Sting Ray. The Generation C2 Corvette was   built from 1963-1967. We offer a huge selection of corvette parts for the C2 corvette find discounts and special pricing.

  Generation-C3 | 1968-1982

The third Generation of Corvette ever made is the Generation C3 Corvette. This American sports car was built during rough economic times and gas hikes; yet this precise car survived and thrived making it a success. The body and interior were fine tuned during these years to give it the striking new vision that Zora Arkus-Duntov had visioned. The Generation C3 Corvette was built from 1968-  1982 by Chevrolet also known as General Motors (GM).

  Generation-C4 | 1984-1996

The fourth Generation of Corvette ever made is the Generation C4 Corvette. The C4 sports car was considered to be "The First fully redesigned Corvette in 15 years..." - Stated the editors from Consumer Guide - The Generation C2 Corvette was built from 1984-1996 bringing the corvette out of the 80's.

  Generation-C5 | 1997-2004

The Fifth Generation Corvette C5, was built from 1997 until 2004. The C5 came equipped with the LS1 engine, and is a convertible vs. the coupe, which weakened the vehicles structural integrity, so the car was equipped with a hyroformed box frame as means to remedy the structural integrity. Generation C5 1997-2004.

  Generation-C6 | 2006-2013

The Generation C6 Corvette was introduced by Chevrolet for the 2005 model of production. The 6.0 L LS2 V8 Engine produces 400 Horsepower and 400 lb-ft torque. The C6 Corvette was first put to production in 2004 and is currently the latest Generation Corvette built today. It is expected that the Generation C7 Corvette will make release as early as 2014.

  Generation C-7 | 2014-Release

The all new Generation C7 Corvette is officially bringing back the Stingray name which originated from the Generation C3 Corvette in 1963 - "Sting Ray"